Yin & Vinyasa Yoga are two different styles of Hatha Yoga; Practices consisting mostly of postures. These two types of Yoga tone and stretch the muscles, offer stability to the mind and grant wisdom to the heart.


* Yin Yoga is a practice composed of postures that are held passively for 3 to 10 min resulting in an intense practice due to time spent in each posture.

* The objective is to relax the muscles and stretch the connective tissue (tendons,ligaments and fascia) of the body, exploring range of motion directly from the joints and bone form.


*Vinyasa Yoga is a fluid and dynamic form of Yoga that connects the breath to the movement and interlaces postures, each one leading to the next.

*Strengthens, tones and stretches the body. Improves coordination, circulation, lung capacity and reduces back pain.